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My stone broke, what should I do?

  As for broken stones, there are two possibilities! Either the stone is just chipped (or even broken) and this "loss" still allows the stone to work (trust your feelings). Either the stone is in really bad shape and can therefore no longer be used as before (unpleasant feeling, even repulsion). In both cases, it is advisable to do a work of harmonization on the stone, as one would do for a living being. Because although the minerals do not feel pain, the sudden shock modifies its energy structure. If the stone is really damaged, I advise you to put it back in nature. By burying it in the forest or by discreetly depositing it in the bed of a river. That's for the mineral part, but you also have to consider the other part: yourself.


Why ? Because when a stone falls, it is generally because it has undergone a major energy shock just before falling. “Kissing” the earth is the only way for her to get rid of the excess energy she has stored up. Physical deterioration is only the final stage. A stone does not break because it has fallen, but it falls because it is "broken". However, the right question to ask is that of the origin of the shock. Namely, that the stone does not necessarily fall when you yourself receive this shock... It is rather the straw that breaks the camel's back. Think about what this stone symbolizes for you and you will understand!

Thank the stone for its teaching and also realize that the mineral cannot perform this function without you. It's all about teamwork <3


What to choose... Rough stones or worked stones? (rolled)?

Minerals transmit an energy of their own, whether raw or worked. In fact, it all depends on what you expect from them. If you want to place stones in your environment: at home, in the office...

We will rather choose large pieces, large raw minerals, large crystals, statuettes, large worked objects (balls, pyramids, obelisks, eggs... for example).


And if you personally want to enjoy the benefits of minerals on your body, the worked stones (rolled, faceted, cut...) are designed to refract waves of light and energy. You will therefore benefit directly on yourself, from all the benefits of their vibrations. You can wear them: as jewelry, in your pocket, in your handbag... And for these ladies, even in your bra


Note: that the power of the stone used will be reinforced if you wear it on the right chakra or on the area concerned.


What does the word "Reiki" mean?

Reiki means "life energy". The word comes from the Japanese Rei (universal energy - that which surrounds us) and Ki (vital energy - that which is present in us, in all living beings).


Are there any side effects after a Reiki session ?

Reiki restores  harmony and well-being of body and mind. By unraveling energetic and emotional blockages, it is possible for pent-up emotions to come to the surface. It is very important to accept these feelings and emotions. Acceptance is probably the most  impotent  on the road to recovery. Be aware, however, that Reiki always acts for the well-being of the receiver by giving only what the patient needs and is able to receive.


Do you have to believe in Reiki or in Magnetism for there to be results?

It is not necessary to "believe", or to adopt a particular concentration to benefit from the benefits of energy care. Receiving care remains a simple and natural act. Only experience can allow everyone to know if Reiki or Magnetism suits them or not.

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