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oeil de taureau

Oye​ Rolled Tiger l

Oye​ l of raw tiger

Eye of tiger

Origin: South Africa, Australia, Brazil, United States, India, Madagascar

chakras:  Solar plexus       Hardness: 7 - Mohs scale


Story :  Under the Roman Empire, Tiger's Eye was very often used by warriors and soldiers to protect themselves during battles. Later, in the Middle Ages, it was mainly worn to repel spells. Some beliefs attribute protective benefits to it, such as effectively repelling the evil eye.


Properties  :  Tiger's Eye would be an excellent stone of protection, it would create a powerful reflective shield around its owner, and would send negative energies back to its transmitter (mirror effect).  Having a large block of Tiger's Eye at home would keep negative energies away and at the same time, malicious people.


On a physical level, Tiger's Eye would promote the strengthening of bones and joints, mainly those of the knees.

It would help calm muscle cramps, as well as all forms of shortness of breath (perfect for athletes). Affixed to the solar plexus chakra, Tiger's Eye communicates a lot of energy, slows down infections and supports our body in the face of certain illnesses. It would also promote the good balance of the organs, mainly the liver.


On the emotional level, the Eye of the Tiger would develop perseverance, in particular to achieve its own objectives. It would allow you to tap into your inner resources, offer a powerful feeling of security and warmth, which would greatly boost self-confidence. It would also be a very good support for students, because it seems that this stone clarifies thoughts, helps concentration and calms stress.

Purification: water, salt water, salt, fumigation, earth, scallops, clay

Reload:  Sun (Preferred: daylight), Cluster of Rock Crystal or Amethyst

oeil de taureau

Important : 

All information on the virtues and properties of the stones is given for information purposes. 

They do not in any way replace a diagnosis or medical treatment.  In case of health problem, always consult

your doctor first.

joint ; asthma; emotional blockage; bronchitis ; plenty ; chance ; concentration; self-confidence ; courage ;  muscle cramp ; breathing difficulties; doubt ; liver ; joy ; good mood ; memory ; nervousness; stress ; bone ; cooling; cold ; security ; protection: evil eye; adrenal glands ; cough ; will ; autonomy; dynamism; independence ; reflex; flexibility

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