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Cleansing techniques

Purification is a fundamental ritual for the proper use of stones.

When to purify your stones?


At the reception

It is imperative to purify them yourself, even if you have acquired them from a professional. You should know that between the moment when they left the earth and the moment when they find themselves in your hands, these small stones have passed through various hands, have gone through various atmospheres, have felt various auras and all this has happened. imprinted in them. And of course, they are just waiting to be returned and that's not necessarily pleasant!


After use

When astonehas been used for a session of lithotherapy or meditation, it should be purified, to rid it of all the negativity it has taken on. Then, for the stones that you use on a daily basis,I advise you to follow your instincts, and to purify your stones each time you feel the need or when you feel that their energies are decreasing.  


However, I strongly advise you to do it at least once or twice a month.

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Salt purification (direct)


This method is the most absorbent there is!  

Legend has it that salt is harsh on stones and while it shouldn't be used lightly or on any strains, it's not as bad as some would like to believe. . It is true that some stones are damaged by contact with it, but in the same way that some are damaged by contact with water. It is therefore very important to learn about the stone first, before choosing a purification technique.

— Purification time: 1 hour

If the stone has been worked hard or if it is heavily charged, it will need at least a good night in the salt, before passing it under water and wiping it gently.

— Use rock salt (salt from the earth).

This method of purification is not to be used "every day", because it is still quite brutal for the stone.

sel indirect

Salt purification (indirect)


An effective method that allows you to benefit from salt purification, without risk for our little stones. You will need two glass containers of different sizes, then place the salt in the large container, your stones in the small one and nest them one inside the other. Practical for stones that do not support water.

— Purification time: 30 minutes longer than direct salt purification

Saline purification


Immerse the stone directly in a glass of water in which you will have previously dissolved half a teaspoon of rock salt. Use mineral water to prevent the stone from becoming covered with a limescale deposit present in the water over time. It is imperative for this type of purification to check if the stone supports water and salt of course.  — Purification time: 2 to 3 hours

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Water purification


Less effective than salt, it is nevertheless highly valuable! Especially during fairly quiet times when you just want to do a little cleaning. There are two ways to purify with water:  


Vivid Purification

Place your stones between 10 and 15 minutes in a natural water current (stream, river, river...). During this purification by living water, it is important to put an intention and to ask that all the negative energies of your stones are transformed into positive energies, before returning to the Earth. Once out of the water current, dry your stones very carefully, in order to avoid any deposits of limestone or other.


Static purification

Place your stones in a bowl or glass container filled with water. The water used can be pure (demineralised water), holy or mineral (bottled water). Leave your stones between 4 to 5 hours minimum and if possible, even all night.  

IMPORTANT POINT : in the morning, run your stones under tap water for 1 to 2 minutes. Because otherwise, your stones will in reality only macerate in their own energies... Then dry them carefully.

Good to know : the purification by water still keeps a small part of the energies impregnated by the stone.However, these traces can be beneficial, as long as you do not go through major difficulties.


— Purification time: livingwater: 10 to 15 minutes /static water: 4 to 5 hours or overnight

Purification by fumigation


For this process, it is enough simply to pass the stone above the smoke. Preferably use white sage, Palo Santo or benzoin incense. Purification by fumigation or incense is perfectly effective for all stones.

— Purification time: 4 to 5 minutes


You can use stick, grain or resin incense. For the last two, you need a censer or an incense burner, hot coals, coal tongs and matches.

Method : light the coal using the tongs (so as not to burn yourself) and a match. For safety reasons, light the charcoal about 20 cm away from you (because it crackles and can send projections). As soon as it becomes red, place it in the censer and then deposit the grains or the incense resin.

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Purification by the earth


The most radical technique of purification is burial in the ground. In this case, it is a question of giving a second life to the stone.This method will therefore only be used for stones that are almost lifeless or extremely negatively charged. Your stone should be buried in a safe and positive place.

— Purification time: at least a day!! Some stones may even need to stay in the ground for several years and for all those that are too damaged or broken, it is better to leave them there permanently.

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Purification by clay


This method is a very good alternative to burying in the ground. Simply place the stone in a mixture of water and powdered natural clay, then leave to dry. Then, rinse it gently.

— Purification time: once all the water has evaporated.

This purification is very strong, it is therefore to be carried out once or twice a year maximum, and according to the frequency of use of the stone.

Purification by the Coquille Saint-Jacques


Due to its shape, this shell naturally emits powerful and very positive energy radiation. We will therefore use it to purify and energize our stones. To do this, simply place them in the shell and orient the ridges to the North. The action will be even more effective with water, which after several hours becomes water with a very high vibratory rate (like holy water).

— Purification time: 2 to 3 hours


Good to know: this method of purification is very powerful, it can even go so far as to erase all the memory of the stone. So don't overdo it! Unless, of course, you want to remove the memory of your stone or jewelry entirely.

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Purification by the singing bowl


Simple but effective !!


First technique: place the stone in the center of your bowl and make it sing. Only once, if the stone is lightly charged, or several times if it is heavily charged.


Second technique: place the stone in the center of the bowl, then add mineral water, for greater purification. BE CAREFUL to check if your stone likes water!


— Purification time: 10 minutes.

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Important : 

Les bienfaits des pierres ne remplacent en aucun cas un diagnostic, ni un traitement médical. 

En cas de problème de santé, consultez toujours votre médecin en premier.

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