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Stones & minerals

Stones, minerals and crystals naturally emit vibrations capable of improving the well-being of the person, in contact with or near them.

How it works ?


Every day, we ingest without realizing it the mineral elements essential to our balance. There is therefore nothing magical or miraculous in "lithotherapy". It is nature itself, which has composed these precious marvels, in the same way as it has created plants, in order to provide living beings with what may be necessary for the harmony of their vital functions. In contact with a stone or near it, we trigger a process of vibrational resonance, which will stimulate the organic minerals of our body. Each stone has its own vibration. Depending on its structure, composition and color, it has specific virtues that can help a part of our body to regulate itself and regain its balance.

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How to use its stones?


There are two approaches to using minerals:


The physical approach which consists in using the stone or the crystal for its function and its energetic contribution. It is obviously advisable not to expect "miracles", even if sometimes the results can be particularly surprising.


The Intuitive Approach , where you let your intuition direct you to minerals that appeal to you. In this case, it is then a question of a "request" of your body which manifests a "vibrational need", to which you simply respond.  


The periodicity of employment is fundamental. The regularity of use will “teach” your body in a way to put itself in phase with the vibrational frequency of the mineral.  

How to maintain them?


Purification and recharging is a fundamental ritual for the proper use of stones.It is important to purify them yourself, even if you have acquired them from a professional who will have already carried out a purification.You should know that between the moment they left the earth and the moment they find themselves in your hands, these small stones have passed through various hands, have gone through various atmospheres, have felt various auras and all this has been printed in them.And of course, they are just waiting to be returned and that's not necessarily pleasant!


Indeed, it is very common to find that a stone or a crystal that has worked on one person, then on another, can transmit emotions and physical sensations via its internal memory.Also, it is highly preferable that the stone has only one and the same owner.Another case, it also happens that after a long period of difficulties (physical or mental), that the stone that accompanies us remains impregnated by our energies for several months, even years, if it is not cleaned carefully. This is why purification is very very important!!!


I therefore invite you to carefully read the different ways to purify and recharge your minerals.

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Comment les porter ?


Vous pouvez porter vos pierres directement dans votre poche ou sous forme de bijou. Il faut savoir que la forme n'a d'importance que sur le plan esthétique, seul l'emplacement de la pierre a une importance sur le plan énergétique. Il est également très important de choisir votre pierre en fonction du but recherché (propriétés).


Sautoir - Collier et pendentif : si le bijou est en contact direct avec le chakra de la gorge, et si les propriétés de la pierre coïncident, alors l'intensité vibratoire de la pierre en sera décuplée. Un exemple : si vous souhaitez porter un pendentif ras de cou en Turquoise naturelle, alors elle favorisera grandement et plus aisément l'expression personnelle, la communication avec les autres, la manifestation de la vérité et le sens de l'équilibre. Ce type de bijou peut aussi être placé sur le chakra du cœur, le plexus solaire et pourquoi pas le chakra sacré.

Bracelet:on the wrist, it acts on the meridians of the arms and diffuses its energies throughout the body. It is therefore the wisest and most judicious way, if one does not want or cannot carry his stones on the opportune chakra. To the ankle, it acts as a link to the ground (anchor) and awareness of reality.  

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Ring:the ring acts directly on the many energy channels of the fingertips, thus reinforcing the particularities of each of them:


Thumb: egocentrism, withdrawal, pride

Index: wisdom, temperance, justice

Major: will, force, power, power

Ring finger: vitality, dynamism, solar energy, joy

Auricular: psychic energy, sensitivity, telepathy, intuition

Earrings:it is on the lobe of the ear that is the point of acupuncture which directly influences the chakra of the third eye. Thus, earrings act on intuition, clairvoyance, knowledge and artistic sense. You can balance the two parts of the brain by wearing a different earring in each ear or favor the right or left part of the brain, by wearing only one earring on the side you want to favor. Knowing that the right part of the brain acts on the left part of the body and that the left part of the brain acts on the right part of the body.

Headband:it acts directly on the crown chakra, located at the top of the skull. To namely, that a clip or a hair clip, placed judiciously will have similar effects.

Belt: placed under the navel, it acts preciously on the sacral chakra or the solar plexus. 


Important : 

The benefits of the stones in no way replace a diagnosis or medical treatment. 

In the event of a health problem, always consult your doctor first.

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