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Energy healing

Energy healing take into account the being in its entirety, they tend to act on the deep cause of the malaise. They allow you to regain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

How it works ?


An energy treatment is by definition a treatment that balances and harmonizes body and mind. It unties knots, blockages and stress, both mental and physical.


My treatments act directly on the energies of the human or animal body by laying on of hands. They strengthen and restoreharmony and physical and emotional well-being. My hands move above the physical body (without direct contact) as I feel.A scan of the aura (subtle bodies that surround the physical body) is done at the beginning of each session, to get in touch with the person or animal, and harmonize the whole.  

The person in question remains clothed, the clothes in no way hindering the efficiency of the energy transmission.  



Magnetism is about circulating our own energy through someone else's body. It leaves through the right hand of the practitioner (energy donor), circulates in the body of the recipient, and returns through the left hand in order to be evacuated. This technique should be practiced with caution, as it literally drains the practitioner of their own energy reserve.  


Acting directly at the physical level, its effects are felt almost immediately or within 24 hours of the session. On the other hand, if the physical problemis linked to an emotional cause, the relief can only be temporary.

The effects of magnetism are quite varied, but always beneficial.

What can a session do for you?


This can bring you a lot of well-being, whether as a preventive measure, to maintain good vital energy, or to relieve your ailments. However, it is particularly important to remember that its action should in no way become a substitute for traditional medical monitoring.


Magnetism can help you:  


  • relieve physical pain and inflammation;

  • reduce headaches;

  • strengthen the immune system;

  • soothe respiratory disorders;

  • soften skin problems;

  • get back to sleep;

  • reduce anxiety;

  • limit the side effects of heavy treatments;

  • And many other things...

What is REIKI?


Reiki is an ancient energy healing technique of Japanese origin, discovered by Mikao Usui nearly a century ago.It is a natural method, intended to harmonize body and mind. It is also a very good way to recharge your batteries and recharge your batteries.


The principle of Reiki is to promote the harmonious circulation of energy in the body, to participate in good mental and physical health. Its goal is to release blockages and strengthen the healing potential that everyone naturally holds in their body and mind.  


According to Japanese culture, every human being has Ki in him. The “Ki” is the infinite breath of Life that animates all living beings (humans, animals, plants, etc.).

Reiki has the ability to balance and harmonize the functioning of our different chakras. 

The term  "Chakra" comes from the Sanskrit "cakraṃ" which means "wheel" or "disc". It designates different energy centers located in the body, which have a function of absorption and elimination of external energy.  


The 7 main chakras are located in our physical body, along our spine. Each chakra corresponds to an area of the body, but also to emotions. These energy centers allow us to go back from physical discomfort to the emotion that generates it, often deeply buried.

What can a session do for you?


Reiki is for anyone who wants to feel better in their life. It can be a tremendous help and a valuable complement to ongoing medical treatments. Reiki should never  become a substitute for traditional medical monitoring. In any case, before coming to the session, whatever the origin of your ailments, it is  recommended to consult a doctor first.


Reiki can help you:  


  • release tension;

  • soothe depression;

  • reduce stress and anxiety;

  • get back to sleep;

  • strengthen the immune system;

  • harmonize body and mind;

  • recharge and restore energy;

  • dissolve physical and emotional blockages;

  • strengthen the faculties of recovery after a trauma;

  • limit the side effects of heavy treatments...

What happens during a session ?


The session can be done live (at your home) or remotely on photo.  It always begins with a discussion that allows me to understand your requests and expectations.  

Then, accompanied by soft and relaxing music, you lie down comfortably (dressed) and I start the Reiki/Magnetism treatment. You may fall asleep. Don't worry, it's completely normal, it just means that you are perfectly relaxed.


If the session is done remotely, I will need a recent photo of you, as neutral as possible with a shot ideally wide enough (this will be automatically deleted after the treatment).  Then, after the session, I'll give you a  report by phone or email.


The duration of a Reiki or Magnetism session can vary, but generally it lasts  1 hour.


  • The authorization of the parents (session on minor).

  • No treatment is carried out without the agreement of the person concerned.

  • My sessions are carried out as part of an accompaniment and can in no way replace medical advice. They do not replace a diagnosis or medical treatment.  In case of health problem, always consult your doctor.

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