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Reloading Techniques

Reloading is a fundamental ritual for the proper use of stones.

When to recharge your stones?


When a stone works intensely, it partially or completely empties its energy. It is therefore no longer capable of bringing us all the desired benefits. We then say that the stone is tired, because having transmitted all its vital energy, it becomes weak and gradually loses all its properties. At this point, the stone is in dire need of cleansing and recharging.


After purification , the stone can be considered "clean" from an energetic point of view. All he needs to do is place it in contact with an energy source that can replenish it and restore its full active potential.

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Charging in Sunlight


The Sun can be used at will on the stones that need its energy, to recharge their batteries. The energy transmitted can be regulated according to the chosen moment: dawn, daylight or dusk.  


This preference is not the only selection criterion, because some stones tolerate very little or no sunlight and can even be physically damaged by its exposure. They are then said to be photosensitive stones.  

Here are some of them: Amethyst , Rose Quartz , Larimar , Pink Calcite , Fluorine ...All these stones tend to lose their color after repeated exposure to the Sun.This is why it is very important to know whether your stones can support the energy of the Sun or not.


Good to know : even if a stone loses its color or becomes dull, it does not diminish its properties or its energy. If this change disturbs you, you can bury it in a privileged place or in your flowerpot, so that they benefit from the virtues of the stone.


— Charging time: 1 hour minimum

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The look of the sky


Even under overcast skies, sunlight remains extremely powerful. The reloading of your stones will therefore be carried out without any problem, even under the clouds. However, this will nevertheless determine the exposure time. Your stones will need to be exposed longer.  

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Recharging in the Light of the Moon


The Moon has an action in every way similar to that of the Sun, it is the second source of natural energy. For optimal recharging, the stones must be exposed directly to the light of the Moon and if the weather seems overcast or if the Star does not pass in your field of visibility, then its action will be weaker.


The cycles of the Moon can be used to give a very particular intention and energy to your stones, but personally, I prefer to recharge them in the light of the Full Moon.

— Recharging time: one full night

Recharging by Geode / Crystalline cluster


Made up of natural crystals and hung on a base of mother rock, the Crystalline Cluster is particularly very powerful!! Its shape hardly matters, only the number of spikes actually does. The more points the cluster has, the more energy it will give to the stone.To use this method, simply place your stone on the Crystalline Cluster and let the energy flow.


The Rock Crystal Cluster is highly recommended, as it provides a great source of neutral energy. It alone allows the reloading of all the other stones.


— Charging time: 1 hour minimum

amas cristallin

Reloading by druse of Amethyst


The energy transmitted by the Amethyst Druse is not like that of a Geode or a Crystalline Cluster, it is not neutral. However, Amethyst being a very soft stone and possessing the marvelous ability to recharge itself, it is therefore quite suitable for recharging certain stones.


The Amethyst druse therefore cannot be used as a universal reloading tool, due to its color, as only white/colorless can be considered neutral.  She then transmits only her recharging force to the stones, which resemble her and which like her, are turned towards Spiritual Awakening, concentration, imagination...


— Charging time: 1 hour minimum

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Important : 

Les bienfaits des pierres ne remplacent en aucun cas un diagnostic, ni un traitement médical. 

En cas de problème de santé, consultez toujours votre médecin en premier.

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