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The Chakras

Measuring and rebalancing the Chakras are the two most important points in energy healing. "Chakra" is a term that comes from the Sanskrit "cakraṃ" which means "wheel" or "disc". It designates different energy centers located in the body, which have a function of absorption and elimination of external energy. They are sort of etheric lungs.


It should be understood that the body is made up of many energy centers.


There are three types of Chakras. The principals, the secondary ones and the transcendental ones. Together we will talk about the seven main Chakras located in the physical body, along the spine. I now invite you to click on the one of your choice.

The larger a Chakra, the more active it is.

We are then more efficient in the type of energy that it conveys, but also more subject to needs related to this Chakra.

As an example, take the First Chakra (Root Chakra) a person with a balanced First Chakra may have a great need to ensure his safety. However, she will have a good relationship with money and work, which will allow her to satisfy this need for material security.


If it is well balanced: the person will feel confident and secure. She will have a good relationship with her mother, work, money, and the physical world in general.


If he is too active: there is a risk of excess in physical and material pleasures. Accumulation of material goods, excess of alcohol or food may occur, as well as the search for physical enjoyment. These people will be materialistic and often selfish, unless the Heart Chakra comes to counterbalance this effect.


If it is insufficiently active: the person will live in emotional and material insecurity. Sometimes there will be relationship difficulties with the mother, money, work and body. She will have the impression that she does not belong to this world and that this one does not nourish us. The energy will hardly enter through this Chakra (root) and the person will have a weak physical constitution, with sometimes illnesses. The person being ungrounded, they will also have a tendency to daydream and have great difficulty in putting their ideas into practice.



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