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seventh chakra  : Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)

Its Sanskrit name means “Thousand-petaled Lotus”, “Brahmarandhra” (the gate of God). It is the symbol of unfolding mindfulness. The Sahasrâra Chakra has no particular color, it is pure light. However, it is still attributed the color Violet.

This Chakra is located at the top of the skull, directed upwards, a few centimeters inside the body. The corresponding element is Adi Tattva, the spiritual Supreme Tattva.

The mantra to awaken it is the same as that of Ajñâ Chakra (third eye) : the original sound OM.

The Sahasrâra Chakra is linked to our spirituality and access to spiritual energies. It represents the goal of Yoga, Self-realization and Divine realization, when the individual soul unites with Cosmic Consciousness. This Chakra allows us to experience the unity between all things. He is the link we have with the rest of creation. The larger this Chakra, the more information the person will be able to receive through clear-information. She will be more imaginative, will often show wisdom and will often be said to radiate an inner light.


The awakening of Sahasrara Chakra signifies the revelation of Divine Splendor and the realization of Supreme Consciousness.


It is the last Chakra, but first by the importance it takes on the path of light, it is the point of entry into the human body of the Universal Energy, of the cosmic energy, whose power does not has no limit. It is through a communion with this energy, an acceptance of the Divine presence, that the inspired being will be able to carry out healings.


Sahasrâra too active ("Too open"):

  • This Chakra is never really too open or too active, but by careless "handling" it can be "disordered" and out of harmony. In this case, you risk detaching yourself from the things around you, feeling excluded, losing your identity, your ego diluted, leading to psychological disorders and serious depressive states.

  • You will no longer attach any importance to the material aspects of life, which can very quickly be harmful for you, as for others.

  • People whose birth color is purple quite often live in excess on this Chakra: they have a lot of trouble keeping "the feet on the ground" and must imperatively work diligently on the first Chakras to ensure stability.

  • At the physical level, you may suffer from pain in the hair (roots) and / or a feeling of having a big painful and sensitive weight on the head.


Sahasrâra blocked ("closed"):

  • A closed Crown Chakra can cause a blockage to all the subtle things in existence, so you refuse traditions and anything that smacks of mysticism or religion.

  • To repress and ignore all this emptiness, you risk throwing yourself headlong into heavy responsibilities, in order to feel indispensable.

  • You may be subject to significant depression, questioning, awareness of the absurdity of life...

  • It is important to know that the Crown Chakra is rarely open naturally. Its opening is done according to your spiritual evolution and the work done on the other Chakras.



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