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Animal care

As with humans, the animal can feel physical or psychological discomfort. It is therefore very important to listen to it and observe it. Although animals do not use a spoken language like ours, they communicate constantly.


An animal communication session or an energy treatment can bring a lot of well-being to an animal, whether as a preventive measure, to maintain good vital energy, or to relieve it of its ailments.  However, it is particularly  important  to recall that its action should in no way become a substitute for traditional veterinary monitoring.


What can energy healing do?


It contributes to:


  • provide general well-being and comfort of life;

  • accompany periods of transition and change;

  • reduce stress, fear before an important visit to the veterinarian;

  • promote better recovery after surgery;

  • reduce behavioral problems;

  • soothe aggressive and fearful animals;

  • relieve physical pain;

  • help old animals feel better;

  • and many other things...

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What can an animal communication session bring?


She can help you:


  • reduce anxiety;

  • explain to him the arrival of a new member in the family;

  • prepare him for a move;

  • warn him of a future surgical or other intervention;

  • promote learning;

  • improve behavioral issues;

  • obtain information about his past;

  • know and understand their needs;

  • provide solutions in the human-animal relationship;

  • accompany him in death...


Often, after a simple communication with him, the animal changes his behavior in a positive way, because he feels understood and relieved. Glad someone listened and understood. If an animal is allowed to express and release accumulated stresses and traumas, it greatly improves its well-being.

How does a CA treatment / session take place?


After a time of discussion, we define together the objective of the session. Several choices are possible: care, animal communication or both. The session can be carried out in the presence of the animal live (at your home) or remotely on photo.  


If the session is live, I take the time to discuss with you, but also to get to know your animal, so that it gives me its trust. If the session is done on a photo, an oral or written report is produced at the end of the session.  To do this, I need some information:


  • a photo of the animal (as neutral as possible);

  • his first name and age;

  • your questions and messages;

  • a summary of the reason for the request.


During the session or the treatment, I "connect" to the same vibrational frequency as the animal, which allows me to come into direct contact and maintain a real connection with it. It doesn't matter where he is.  Communication is done through images, sensations of all kinds and emotions that I receive. The words I use during the session are a form of “spontaneous translation” of what the animal sends me.


The duration of a session can vary, because it is very often the animal itself that will put an end to it. In general, a session lasts between 40 minutes to 1 hour.


  • Be the caretaker (owner) of the animal.

  • If the animal refuses the approach of the session, it cannot be forced to do so.

  • My sessions are carried out as part of an accompaniment and can in no way replace medical advice. They do not replace a diagnosis or medical treatment.  In case of health problem, always consult your veterinarian.

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