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My services

If you have any questions or need additional information,

do not hesitate to contact me at 06 81 43 00 76   — SMS recommended



Minerals emit _  naturally vibrations capable of improving the well-being of the person, in contact with or near it.


  • Personalized advice and free by email

  • Creation of personalized jewelry according to your needs  (on demand)

Energy healing (at home or remotely):


Magnetism /  Reiki


  • Adult price: 40 €

  • Child rate (< 15 years old): 25 

Price excluding travel expenses *

Animal care (at home or remotely):


Understand and alleviate the ailments of your animals.


  • Animal Communication : €30


  • Energy Treatment  :

    • Cats, dogs or small animals: €30 

    • Horses or large animals: distance €30  / direct: €50


  • Communication + Energy Healing

    • Cats, dogs or small animals: €45 

    • Horses or large animals: remotely €45 / direct: €65

Price excluding travel expenses *




  • Oracle:  

    • Full card draw: €25  

    • Single draw (3 cards):  10 €


The content of the message you will receive (by email)  remains confidential at all times. No one can have access to information about you. Also, I don't keep any copies of your message.

© Photo by Eva Delcourt ~ Hievaya: shop

* Travelling expenses :

Within a radius of 10 km around Reims: Free / Beyond: 0.20 euros per kilometer travelled.


Methods of payment accepted:

Cash, check, bank transfer or Paypal  (via the button at the top of the page) .


I do not keep any photos or personal information about you.

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