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Guidance ~ Oracles

In cartomancy, oracles are wonderful tools for introspection and personal development . Thanks to the messages delivered, you will be able to dive into yourself, explore your soul, discover what you really need, answer your current questions and find the keys to change to move forward on your path.


The messages received can be inspiring or stirring. They can initiate work in the shadows or lead to deep alignment and immediate reaction. The support provided by the oracle cards can be the boost that will make you dare to abandon your limiting thoughts to walk with intuition. However, even if the oracles allow us to shed light on many things, they should in no way replace our own free will.


What can a card draw do?


It can contribute to:


  • clarify his thoughts;

  • move towards a better life;

  • clarify a situation;

  • answer questions;

  • shed light on his life mission or on his karmic lineage;

  • obtain keys and avenues for reflection;

  • changing perspective;

  • understand the purpose of certain relationships or situations;

  • improve your present moment by transforming it through understanding;

  • and many other things...


© Photo by Eva Delcourt ~ Hievaya: shop

How does a counseling session take place?


The card draw is always done remotely and on photo.

A written report is then produced and sent by email, so that you can come back to it whenever you want. You have the choice between a simple draw (3 cards) or a complete draw (as many cards as felt). The length of the message may vary from print to print, depending on what I capture for you.


To do this, I need some information:


  • a recent photo of you (as neutral as possible);

  • your first and last name at birth;

  • your date of birth (day, month, year);

  • the area you wish to address;

  • and your email address.


Depending on your needs, you may want to be guided in a particular area : love, work, life mission, past lives, karmic lineage, emotional wounds, blockages...  


At first, I leave it to you to contact me by phone, email or sms (recommended) to give me all this information.


You can then make your payment by check, bank transfer, or via Paypal.

Upon receipt of this, allow approximately 7 working days to receive your guidance by email .


When you have received your message, take the time to read it calmly and calmly. Read it carefully. Sometimes the understanding comes a little later, when you are ready to receive it. Rereadings allow you to progress, so give yourself time to welcome the different insights.


Then, if you wish, we can arrange a telephone meeting together to discuss the draw. Listening to you, I will then refine the interpretation and give you more keys.

Important :  the message you will receive is an intuitive interpretation, it aims to guide you and accompany you towards a well-being. In no way does he predict the future! My prints aim to objectively explore your options and understand them in greater depth.  My role is to enlighten you, inspire you, motivate you, and put the power of your life back in your hands. You remain the supreme master of your decisions. Benevolence, respect and trust are the bases of my guidance.  

In addition, any message I write remains completely confidential. No one can access it. I do not keep any photos, personal information or copies of your message.

  • Parental authorization (for minors).

  • No guidance (draw of cards) will be carried out without the agreement of the person concerned.

  • My prints are made as part of an accompaniment and can in no way replace medical advice. In case of health problem, always consult your doctor.


© Photo by Eva Delcourt ~ Hievaya: shop

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