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first chakra  : Mûlâdhâra (Root Chakra, Base Chakra)

Its Sanskrit name means "  root place  “, it is positioned at the bottom of the spine. The color of this Chakra is red, the color of Shakti. "Shakti" means energy, movement, awakening and development.

As for red, it symbolizes the awakening of the sleeping consciousness towards the active and alert consciousness. The animal that represents him is an elephant with seven trunks. The elephant is the symbol of wisdom. Its element is the Earth, our base and our “mother”, which provides us with energy and nourishment.

The mantra to awaken it is the monosyllable LAM .

This Chakra represents the boundary between animal consciousness and human consciousness. It is linked to the unconscious, the receptacle in which the actions and experiences of our past lives are stored. Thus, according to Karmic Law, the Mûlâdhâra Chakra contains the course of our future destiny. It is the basis of the development of our personality.

Its function is to manage our individual survivability. Its positive attributes are vitality, vigor and growth.

Its negative points are laziness, inertia, egocentrism and domination by our physical desires.

This Chakra is involved in everything related to home, money, security and trust. Linked to the secondary Chakras of the feet, it provides most of the energy we use. Closely linked to what we consider to be our foundations, it governs the notions of family, work and security. It is also this Chakra that allows us to feel what is outside us and therefore to experience the physical world around us.


Mulhadara too active ("too open"):

  • Highly developed ego.

  • Materialistic, selfish, authoritarian, angry, violent people, immoral behavior, lack of generosity, aggressiveness.

  • Too rational, very down to earth and very busy with money.

  • Excess of physical and material pleasures: accumulation of goods, search for immediate physical enjoyment, obsession with physical pleasures, excess of alcohol, drugs or food.

  • At the physical level: tendencies to hypertension, cholesterol, obesity, cardiac alerts, rheumatism, arthritis and impatience syndrome in the legs.

Mûlhâdâra blocked ("closed"):

  • Relatively weak body constitution.

  • Impression of losing footing, deep feeling of insecurity.

  • Tendencies to reverie, forgetfulness, memory problems, distraction, boredom, laziness, cowardice, apathy, lack of combativeness and dynamism, instability, thoughtless actions.

  • Hardware problems take on enormous proportions.

  • You give in to despair, sometimes even going so far as to pose as a victim.

  • Inclination to run away from reality.

  • Fear of missing out, fear of the future.

  • At the physical level: disorders of the sexual organs, malformations, tumours, fibroids, impotence, frigidity, menstruation disorders, decalcifications, loss of smell, spinal column disorders, problems of assimilation and nutritional deficiencies.



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