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sixth chakra  : âjñâ (Third eye chakra)

Its Sanskrit name means "  mastery" or "knowledge  it is located between the two eyebrows. It is for this reason that it is also called “third eye”. Ajñâ's color is indigo. From this Chakra, there is no more animal symbol. At this level, only pure and divine human qualities remain.

It governs the extrasensory functions. Link between consciousness and the superior faculties of the brain, it is the seat of the soul.

The mantra to awaken it is the monosyllable OM.

The Ajñâ Chakra is the center of clarity and wisdom. It forms the boundary between human and divine consciousness. Border called “The eye of knowledge”, it opens inside and allows to contemplate the reality of the Self. Hence the term “third eye” which is an attribute of Lord Shiva. This Chakra is the seat of the "Inner Master", it gives access to extrasensory perceptions.


Ajñâ Chakra is "open" (positively) only in very few people, because its openness goes hand in hand with a strong evolution of consciousness, and therefore a lot of work of spiritual research. But this "openness" is not necessarily necessary, it can work perfectly harmoniously (be balanced) despite a weak development.


Ajñâ too active ("too open"):

  • Too active functioning of this Chakra (if on their side, the base chakras are not correctly harmonized) can lead to excessive intellectualization of the slightest thing and therefore often to take "the big head".

  • It can also lead to mysticism and the irrational, with a rejection of reality. You then lack discernment and you completely forget to listen to your intuition and therefore you fall into the trap of illusions.

  • At the physical level, you are at risk of suffering from headaches and chronic migraines

Ajñâ blocked ("closed"):

  • A blocked Ajñâ will cause a life entirely dominated by material, physical needs and thoughtless emotions.

  • There is a total rejection of everything that seems irrational at first sight. Disinterest in cultures, sciences and a lack of curiosity. You refuse spiritual truths because they seem to you to be based on the imagination or are absurd daydreams...

  • Your thoughts are essentially oriented in favor of dominant opinions, "sheep" behavior in society, adherence to ready-made ideas and prejudices.

  • At the physical level, you may suffer from insomnia, sinusitis, memory problems and neck pain



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