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fifth chakra  : Vishuddha (Throat Chakra)

Its Sanskrit name means "  pure  " Where "  purify  ". It is located on the throat, at the level of Adam's apple for men. It is the Chakra that manages communication, that is to say, expression and listening. The animal that represents Vishuddhi Chakra is the white elephant. We also find in its pictorial representation the moon, symbol of the spirit. The corresponding element is Akasha (space). Vishuddhi's color is blue. In this Chakra, our consciousness reaches the fifth level.

The mantra to awaken it is the monosyllable HAM.

In the symbolic representation of Vishuddhi is a lotus with sixteen petals. They represent the sixteen potential abilities that a human being can develop. This Chakra performs a function of purifying the body to rid it of toxic substances during breathing. All the problems and all the unpleasant experiences that we have “swallowed up” and suppressed during our lifetime continue to exist in the subconscious until they are wisely faced and resolved.

Vishuddhi Chakra is related to the expression of truth. So, if we are always honest in what we express, our inner being shines through in what we say, then it is a sign that this Chakra is active. If this Chakra works in a balanced way, the path is harmonious, the language clear, the person has the ability to express themselves fully. It is the Chakra of great speakers and communication specialists.

Vishuddi too active ("too open"):

  • Tendency to incessant chatter, lack of listening, desire to always be right and bad faith.

  • Ability to manipulate others with "big talk" and attract attention with a flurry of talk.

  • Very unsure of yourself! You do not allow yourself to appear in a weak position and try everything to keep up appearances.

  • To hide your lack of self-confidence, you will tend to use irony and/or theatrical attitudes...

  • There are also tendencies to mythomania and megalomania.

  • At the physical level, you may suffer from sore throat and respiratory problems


Vishuddi blocked ("closed"):

  • The language is coarse and brutal or sober and cold.

  • Unconscious complexes prevent you from seeing or freely expressing your emotions, thoughts, needs and sensations.

  • Tendency to shyness, stammering, stuttering, language difficulties, broken or mute voice, nervousness, rambling or even incoherent speech.

  • In this case, we meet people who are deeply attached to traditions, afraid to change place, job, country, situation...

  • You lack confidence and doubt your own persuasive abilities. From censorship to censorship, repression becomes automatic, unconscious. You then hide your feelings out of fear or shame.

  • At the physical level, you risk suffering from deep depressions, severe insomnia, anxiety, tinnitus, ear infections, loss of voice, sore throats, respiratory disorders and dysregulation of the thyroid gland. (hypothyroidism, goiter).



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