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rolled galaxy

Origin: Canada

chakras:  heart chakra


Properties: Galaxite is a micro-crystallization of Labradorite on a cosmic color background. This stone has a very intense energy and is sometimes known as the "aura stone" because its main characteristics are to protect, cleanse and balance our aura. It also protects it from energy leaks (hole in the aura).

Galaxite is also a stone of transformation, it helps us to manage our evolution, whether spiritual, mystical or intuitive. Affixed to the Chakra of the heart or to the area concerned, it promotes cell regeneration and facilitates healing. On the Solar Plexus Chakra, it relieves us of digestive problems and helps us to fight against stress. As its name suggests, this stone symbolizes the galaxy, it allows us to get out of our "  small  » world to better understand the Universe around us. Placed on the Third Eye Chakra, Galaxite promotes communication with beings from other dimensions (extraterrestrials, guides, angels, etc.). It also proves to be very useful for people who practice astral projection or astral travel.


Purification:  Pure water, fumigation, earth, scallop shell, clay

Reload:  Sun  (Preference: Dawn, Dusk) , Moonlight, Rock Crystal or Amethyst Cluster

*  Important :

All the  information on the properties of the stones is given for informational purposes.  They do not in any way constitute a diagnosis or a medical treatment.  In case of health problem, always consult your doctor.


Source :  "Energetic properties of stones and crystals" by JM Garnier

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