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The difference between Medium and Clairvoyant!

For most people, Psychic and Medium are one.  However, contrary to what one imagines, there remains a great difference between these two practitioners.  This comes mainly from the aptitude and the choice of the communication channel carrying the message and the vibration. 

Furthermore, it is also important to specify that the purposes of a session with a Seer and a Medium are not the same, even if the  Medium-Psychic  is a person who combines these two  types of abilities.

What is a Medium?

The word "medium" comes from the Latin "medium", which means intermediate medium.  It designates a person who has the ability to come into contact with the Spirits.

This person acts as an intermediary  (hence its name)  between the physical world and the hereafter.  The Medium is sensitive to phenomena coming from spirits or entities, which is why  they use it as a channel  to communicate with the living.  


The Medium has no influence or power over the mind.  who communicates  through him, it is therefore possible that sometimes another spirit or a Guide will appear instead of the expected one.  There are different types of  mediumistic abilities,  the most common are:  empathy,  clairaudience,  clairvoyance, clear-touch, astral sense of smell...

He is  also very important  to specify  that the Medium is not necessarily a Seer and that a mediumistic consultation is not a clairvoyance session.  The information transmitted by the Medium is determined solely by the present moment and according to the lifestyle choices of the consultant. They also sometimes receive  flashes or images that come directly from spirits,  entities or Guides  and not a sixth sense.

What is a Seer?

A Seer has a sort of sixth sense, an ability that allows him to read a person's past, present, and future

To make his predictions, the Seer can either carry out a so-called "pure" clairvoyance, or a clairvoyance with support.  Pure clairvoyance is based solely on the gift of clairvoyance of the Seer:  flash, feelings...  It accesses it by capturing this information through your soul. 

On the other hand, during a clairvoyance session with support , the Seer uses one or more tools that help him to clarify his visions:  pendulum, tarot cards, oracles, runes...  Therefore, thanks to his gift, the Seer is able to talk about the elements of your past or your present, which he will refine later to capture key elements of your future.

Medium or Seer? Who to consult?

You will not go to a Medium for the same reasons that you would go to a Seer.  If you wish to communicate with a Spirit, a deceased loved one or a Guide  (to advise you)  you must then consult a Medium.  In case you want to know your future, it is to a Clairvoyant that you will have to turn. 

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