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Actinolite (Actinolite)

Origin: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, United States, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland

chakras:  heart        Hardness: 5.5 to 6 - Mohs scale


Story :  Actinolite, also called Actinolite, is an elongated stone that comes in the form of a column. Its name comes from the Greek "aktis" which means "ray" and "lithos" which means "stone". It was discovered for the first time in 1794, by the mineralogist Kirwan. Actinolite is usually dark green in color, but it can also occur lighter in color and occasionally appear in grayish green to almost black tones. Actinolite is a stone constituting green shales, it is part of the amphiboles, a large group comprising around a hundred minerals. Compact fibrous Actinolite is also one of the constituents of Nephrite (one of the Jades). It can also be found in the form of Quartz (rock crystal) with green inclusions, this stone is then colloquially called "Hair of Thetis". 

This crystal includes, evokes  green hair, like the remarkable seaweed hair of Thetis. In Greek mythology, Thetis is a Nereid (sea nymph), she is the mother of the famous hero Achilles. She should not be confused with her grandmother Tethys, a primordial sea deity.


Properties  :  Actinolite would be a stone that promotes the harmonization of our Being. Its powerful radiation would balance our spirit, our soul and our bodies (physical and subtle). Affixed to the heart chakra, it would bring comfort and serenity to its owner. Its energy would be such, that it is said that it would act as a powerful rampart, a protective shield against psychic attacks and all negativities.


On the physical level, it is a stone that would promote the elimination of toxins and the proper functioning of the kidneys and the bladder. In this sense, Actinolite would act just like Nephrite Jade. Some even say that it would drain all of our organs in order of priority. Placed on the solar plexus, Actinolite would also greatly strengthen our entire immune system, thus accelerating recovery and improving the conditions for returning to health. Like Aventurine, Actinolite would be a very good support for all stress-related skin problems such as eczema, herpes...


On an emotional level, Actinolite would be excellent for helping us overcome indecision and hesitation. Affixed to the heart chakra, it is particularly known and recognized for being a reassuring stone. It would relieve grief, trauma, guilt and help us forgive and find true comfort. It would also promote concentration, patience, confidence and self-esteem. It is also said that Actinolite would calm the projections of our mind (ego) and that it would be a precious ally to face various paralyzing situations. Actinolite would gently strengthen our determination and help us to be fairer in our choices and decisions. Its powerful radiation would also contribute to the removal of blockages that would prevent our personal evolution.


On a spiritual level, Actinolite would be a stone that promotes deep meditation and that would allow us to connect more with the energies of Mother Nature, making us aware that we are all part of a whole.

Purification: very rarely with water / no salt!

Reload:  Sun (Preferred: Daylight), Rock Crystal Cluster


Important : 

All information on the virtues and properties of the stones is given for information purposes. 

They do not in any way replace a diagnosis or medical treatment.  In case of health problem, always consult

your doctor first.

acidity; understanding ; anxieties; trust ; assurance ; stress ; fears; anger ; concentration; courage ; diabetes ; toxins; hope ; fatigue ; intestines; liver ; kidneys ; hepatitis; herpes; hypertension; immunity; digestion; liberation; harmony ; patience ; adrenal glands ; bladder; dizziness; shingles; eczema; psoriasis; skin

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