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Larvikite  rolled

Origin: Norway

chakras:  third chakra  eye


Properties: The name of Larvikite comes from the town of Larvik, Norway. This stone promotes the perception of our past lives, while ensuring a serious anchor to our Mother Earth.


Like Labradorite , it prevents us from absorbing the negative emotions of others too much. The Larvikite even goes beyond the simple sponge, it will blur, even cancel the bad spells that we may have received. Combined with Celestial Eye Obsidian , it is an excellent shield against occult forces.

Affixed to the Chakra of the throat it develops frankness in us, on the heart it soothes and calms during a major nervous breakdown. This stone tends to make us objective and neutral in any situation. It is also very useful in case of high blood pressure.


Purification:  Pure water, fumigation, earth, scallop shell, clay

Reload: Twilight, Moonlight, Cluster of Rock Crystal or Amethyst

*  Important :

All the  information on the properties of the stones is given for informational purposes.  They do not in any way constitute a diagnosis or a medical treatment.  In case of health problem, always consult your doctor.


Source :  "Energetic properties of stones and crystals" by JM Garnier

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