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Rolled Chlorite Quartz

Raw Chlorite Quartz

Quartz Chlorite

Origin: frequent in alpine fissures, Brazil, United States, France, Madagascar

chakras:  heart        Hardness: 7 Mohs scale


Story :  Chlorite Quartz is also known as 'Compassion Quartz', as it is believed to greatly strengthen and expand the loving energy of the Heart Chakra. Mother Nature leaving nothing to chance, she chose to create an ideal partnership: that of Chlorite and Quartz. Indeed, Quartz Chlorite is nothing but a rock crystal with a strong presence of Chlorite. This is verified by bottle green to brownish green clouds in the heart of the Quartz. Crystals with a Chlorite ghost are the most interesting.  

Rock Crystal acts as a powerful amplifier that increases the transmission force of the green ray in our energy field. The effect of rutile is amplified by the Quartz that contains it.

Properties  :  Quartz Chlorite is said to be a very powerful healing tool. It would mobilize all of its purifying vibrations, as well as all the loving forces of our heart chakra, to direct them directly to the affected area. It would even go so far as to strengthen the energy of the meridians and purify the aura.


On a physical level, Quartz Chlorite would naturally raise the vibration of the organism. It would eliminate toxins, accelerate the healing of our cells and promote the remission of certain diseases. Quartz Chlorite would therefore be ideal and of great physical and moral support, for all people suffering from a disorder of the immune system or cancer.


On the emotional level, Quartz Chlorite would strengthen our inner strength, our will and considerably soothe our emotional excesses. It would relieve our fears of illness, which would promote a good physical and emotional healing process. As we know, fear exhausts and affects our immune system, so Quartz Chlorite would act as a powerful bulwark against our negative thoughts: fears, anger, regrets, remorse, guilt... It would also strongly reduce aggressiveness.


On the spiritual level, the Quartz Chlorite would guide us towards our place of origin: the heart. It would purify and recharge our aura, promote contact with higher entities and help release our karmic debts, highlighting events from the past that affect the present. It is also said that associating a Chlorite Quartz with a celestial eye Obsidian, would create around its owner, a bubble of light of love almost impenetrable by any psychic attack.

Good to know: if you want a unique and specific action, you will need to know why you are using this stone and that your intention is clear.

Purification: water, salt water, salt, fumigation, earth, scallops, clay

Reload:  Dusk, Moonlight, Rock Crystal Cluster

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tip of

Quartz Chlorite


Important : 

All information on the virtues and properties of the stones is given for information purposes. 

They do not in any way replace a diagnosis or medical treatment.  In case of health problem, always consult

your doctor first.

cancer; tumors ; diseases ; polyps: growths; injuries; immune system ; immunocompromised; protection; anxieties; acceptance; depression ; shock; self control ; discouragement; spiritual development; medium; exhaustion; hope ; strength ; resistance ; courage ; frustration; immunity; liberation; karma; blood ; nervousness; health

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