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native silver

native silver

Origin: Australia, Bolivia,  Brazil, Canada, United States

chakras:  sacral chakra


Properties :  Native Silver soothes the nervous system, so it is recommended for all people who suffer from stress, tics or tremor attacks. Affixed to the Sacral Chakra , it promotes the elimination of toxins (drugs, alcohol, medicines, etc.) , it is also a very good accompaniment in the treatment of hepatitis.


Accompanied by a Malachite ,  it is an excellent anti-inflammatory, accompanied by a stone of  Meteorite is a very good anti-infective and placed on the area it is also a very good analgesic. On the Throat Chakra, Native Silver facilitates eloquence, public speaking and brings confidence.


It is one of the best natural conductors and is also a very good conductor between the planes thus favoring astral travel.


Purification: Pure water, fumigation, earth, scallops, clay

Reloading: C repuscule, Moonlight , Cluster of Rock Crystal or Amethyst

*  Important :

All the  information on the properties of the stones is given for informational purposes.  They do not in any way constitute a diagnosis or a medical treatment.  In case of health problem, always consult your doctor.


Source :  "Energetic properties of stones and crystals" by JM Garnier  / "The Guide to Healing Stones" by R.Boschiero

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