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Cacochynite (Cacoxenite / Super Seven / Melody Stone)

rolled cacochynite

raw cacochynite

Origin: Brazil

chakras:  crown chakra


Properties: Cacochynite is highly sought after by all those who work with energies (Lightworkers, Light Warriors, Healers, etc.). It is a very powerful stone with a very high vibrational frequency. Its ability to break down the barriers that hinder our development makes it a tool of choice for awakening and self-transformation. It also allows us to better integrate our mission on earth.


Very powerful, it protects us by forming an impenetrable shield against all negative energies, attacks from the lower astral, bad spells, attempts at energetic vampirism... This shield has a mirror effect and returns these energies to their source after having transformed into neutral light energy.

Affixed to the Chakra of the third eye it facilitates the vision of the aura, develops clairaudience and clairvoyance. It also deeply reinforces the presence of energy in our upper Chakras and acts on the channel of the Crown Chakra by widening it little by little. On the Heart Chakra, it stimulates the body's healing abilities, our immune system and promotes cell regeneration. Excellent for all ENT problems, particularly for pulmonary pathologies such as pneumonia or emphysema for example.

This stone also brings us great clarity of mind and frees us from mental confusion, our anxieties, our doubts, our prejudices... It reassures us and establishes calm and inner peace within us. On the Base Chakra it roots us deeply.


Noted  : The Cacochynite is in direct connection with the 7th sphere, the Violet Flame and the Beloved Saint Germain.

Important  : It helps its wearer in the transition phases resulting from the various vibratory and ascensional changes.


Purification:  Pure water, earth, fumigation, scallop shell, clay

Reload: Sun  (Preference: daylight) , Rock Crystal Cluster

*  Important :

All the  information on the properties of the stones is given for informational purposes.  They do not in any way constitute a diagnosis or a medical treatment.  In case of health problem, always consult your doctor.


Source :  "Energetic properties of stones and crystals" by JM Garnier

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