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rolled chlorite

Crude chlorite

Origin: Germany, Canada, United States,  Russia

chakras:  Chakra of  heart


Properties :  Chlorite is a powerful stone, it is unquestionably the healing stone par excellence. It diffuses in our body an immense power of love which heals, it also purifies and cleans our aura. Affixed to the Chakra of the solar plexus, this stone diffuses in us a benevolent energy which reduces anger and aggressiveness.


Associated with a beautiful  Celestial eye obsidian , it surrounds us with a luminous bubble of protection, where almost nothing negative can reach us.


Purification:  Pure water, fumigation, earth, scallop shell, clay

Reload: C répuscule ,  Moonlight, Cluster of Rock Crystal or Amethyst

*  Important :

All the  information on the properties of the stones is given for informational purposes.  They do not in any way constitute a diagnosis or a medical treatment.  In case of health problem, always consult your doctor.


Source :  "Energetic properties of stones and crystals" by JM Garnier

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