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Are Reiki sessions reimbursed?  ?

Some health mutuals partially reimburse  the sessions of  Reiki  (Apréva, AXA, Mutuelle Verte, Unéo, etc.) . To find out if your sessions can be covered, do not hesitate to ask your Reiki practitioner to provide you with an invoice and send it to your Mutuelle. Faced with the influx of requests for reimbursement, the mutual insurance companies which do not yet reimburse Reiki will perhaps  a reflection on Reiki.


How does a remote Magnetism/Reiki session take place?

It may happen that for various reasons, I cannot give you a Reiki treatment or magnetize you directly. In this specific case, I then offer you a remote session . During this session, I use your photo as a support, it then replaces your physical body during the remote care. The principle remains the same and the benefits of the remote session are identical to a direct session and provide you with the same well-being.  


First, we agree together on a date and a specific time at which you will be able to be quiet during the session. You can be seated or lying down, with music or not. You can also watch TV... the important thing is to be in an environment that relaxes you.

You have nothing else to do except to express the intention to receive the treatment. The rest is up to me!

*** There are no exchanges between us during the treatment, by telephone or Skype for example. The time of the session I am only focused on sending energy. Of course, we talk before and after the treatment.


What do you feel during an energy healing session? Whether direct or remote?

In all seriousness, it mainly depends on the people and their sensitivity!! 

Some people will feel nothing or very little because they are not listening to their body or, on the contrary, are too focused on a particular area and therefore do not feel the others.

For people who manage to feel... they express different things like: a feeling of cold , others on the contrary describe a feeling of heat . Some feel tingling or tingling... The most sensitive people can themselves feel like a small electric shock, or actually feel the area working.

••• If you have any other questions, please let me know using the contact form •••

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