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Moon stone  rolled

Moon stone  bully

Moonstone (Adularia / Hecatolite)

Origin: Australia, Burma, United States, India, Mexico, Madagascar, Norway, Poland, Sri Lanka, Switzerland

chakras:  sacred and coronal       Hardness: 6 to 6.5 - Mohs scale

Moonstone is a variety of Orthoclase which is part of the Feldspar family. It can be milky white with pearly or bluish reflections, yellow, orange, gray, brown or even black. Not to be confused with Opalite which is simply tinted glass (false stone) or with the magnificent Peristerite ( white Labradorite) , marketed under the name "Rainbow Moonstone", but which does not has nothing to do mineralogically speaking with the real Moonstone.


Story :  Moonstone is also known as " Adulaire " , in reference to Mont Adule, in the Swiss Alps, where a huge deposit was discovered in 1801 by René-Just Haüy. 

It is also nicknamed  "Hecatolite", in reference to the goddess of Greek mythology Hecate, one of the three lunar goddesses with Artemis and Selene. Together they form “the Lunar Triad”. Moreover, the goddess Selene also gave her name to another mineral, whose milky reflections recall those of the Moon. This is the famous Selenite. Traces of Moonstone and its mystical powers can be found in many eras and civilizations. During Antiquity, it was considered an object of protection and divination. The Greeks used it to protect pregnant women throughout their pregnancy. He was also credited with the power to develop passion, fertility, as well as carnal pleasure. This reference to fertility was also present in the Middle East, since Moonstone was very often used to increase the chances of having a child. Among the Egyptians, this stone was a great symbol of protection. Once night fell, they wore it to protect themselves from nocturnal dangers and benefit from its powers linked to intuition. Even today, the Moonstone is particularly sacred in India.  


Properties  : like Lady the Moon, the Moonstone guides and reassures us. It represents femininity and helps to rebalance the masculine and feminine energies in each of us.


On the physical level, the Moon Stone would have many benefits: it would harmonize hormonal secretions and menstrual cycles. It would soothe the inconveniences associated with menopause, bloating, painful periods, cramps and all other ailments related to the lower abdomen. It would also promote fertility, fecundity and alleviate sexual disorders. According to some legends, the Moon Stone would be an excellent stone of protection for pregnant women, it would protect the mother and the child until childbirth. It is also said that this stone would prolong the duration of lactation after the birth of the baby. In addition to playing an important role in the balance of the hormonal system, the Moon Stone would also participate in the proper functioning of the kidneys and the bladder. It would regulate the thyroid, eliminate toxins, act against water retention, reduce digestive disorders and improve the quality of the skin, nails and hair.


On the emotional level, Moonstone would promote balance, gentleness, sensitivity, listening, receptivity, tolerance and imagination. It is also said that it would develop tolerance, facilitate openness to others and curb unnecessary fears, especially vis-à-vis others. Like a light in the dark, the Moonstone would bring security and comfort to its owner. Even the most stern people could see their character soften on contact with this stone. It would be ideal to compensate for tendencies that are a little too materialistic and too "down-to-earth". Moonstone is also a mineral that promotes restful sleep by eliminating stress and anxiety.


On the spiritual level, the Moon Stone would be intimately linked to the third eye chakra, it is said that it accompanies us on the path of spiritual awakening and that it would increase our creative and extra-sensory capacities (intuition, clairvoyance, receptivity…). Placed on the heart chakra, it would encourage forgiveness, tolerance, benevolence, but also acceptance of oneself and others. Moonstone would also act on the sacral chakra. In this sense, it would stimulate libido and fertility. Its creative energy would also allow us to undertake without being afraid, by chasing parasitic thoughts from our minds and helping us to keep our heads on our shoulders. Moonstone is a stone that would bring a lot of harmony, balance and softness to its owner.

Good to know  :  Moonstone is a particularly delicate stone.

Purification: water, fumigation, earth, scallop shell, clay

Reload:  Moonlight, Rock Crystal Cluster

pierre de lune orange.png


orange moonstone

pierre de lune orange et grise.png


Orange Gray Moonstone

pierre de lune grise.png


gray moonstone

pierre de lune noire.png


black moon stone

pierre de lune.jpg


white moonstone

bluish reflections

pierre de lune blanche.png


white moonstone

pearly reflections

peristerite opalite selenite.jpg


Do not mix up moonstone with

Peristerite, Opaline and Selenite

pierre de lune

Important : 

All information on the virtues and properties of the stones is given for information purposes. 

They do not in any way replace a diagnosis or medical treatment.  In case of health problem, always consult

your doctor first.

femininity; women ; pregnancy ; baby ; child ; childbirth ; rules ; sexuality; gender; pleasure ; pregnant ; menopause; pains; bloating; stomach ; cramps; fertility; fertility; birth ; thyroid; toxins; Water retention ; digestion; balance ; intuition ; sorry ; tolerance ; love ; feeding with milk ; hormones; edema; reconciliation; menstrual disorders; Yin-Yang

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