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orange stones

Orange is a very positive color! It strengthens, vitalizes and gives a lot of energy to our body. This color is synonymous with life, so it is beneficial for fertility, birth, new projects, etc. The stones of this color stimulate the feeling, they help us to find balance and harmony. They are adapted to friendship, to life in society and to creation. Orange stones also have the particularity of awakening desire (appetite for life, appetite for food, sexual appetite, etc.). These stones are therefore recommended for people with deficiencies in these areas.

Moon stone

Moon stone

Sun Stone


honey calcite

Imperial Topaz


calcite fire


Spessartite Garnet

fire opal


carnelian snake

Moss Agate

Agate Jasper



agate de feu.png

fire agate

feather agate

japse polychrome.png

polychrome jasper

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